We had a few words with Nuno Tavares, piano player from the trio In Out, that performs on Mondays at our bar.

Hello Nuno, what is your approach to jazz?
With a classical education, and now composing, I would say that is a mix of improvisation, world music and classical music.

Your are best known for?
The way I can interact musically with other artists. Q&A! They ask I answer, I ask, they answer!

Favorite tune
My one and only love (Stanley Jordan).

What’s the most important skill a jazz piano should have?
The ability to communicate real time with the other artists performing.

What cause is closest to your heart?
Composing and creating.

Which jazz player would you like to bring back from the dead?
Fortunately, the artists I listen to are all still alive and kicking!

What are your favourite artists?
Keith Jarrett,   Oumou Sangare and Magnus Lindberg *

What is currently on your active playlist? What music are you listening to?
Classical music, jazz, world music (African music).

Do you have your own piano? How do you call your piano?
I do have a piano. I don’t treat him that good. I don’t call him names, but he sure swears at me.

Having pieces arranged and worked out in advance or left open with more room for improvisation?
A mix of both. We have a couple of pieces that we prepare in advance but most of the pieces are improvised with my fellow musicians.

How did IN OUT collaboration start? Do you have any plans to record?
We have played two years ago in Cascais. And now together in o Bom, o Mau e o Vilão. We don’t have plans to record yet!

What can we expect on your next performance?
Large and original repertoire, musical interaction and specially good vibes!

Thank you Nuno, see you monday night!
*My one and only love, performed by Ella Fitzgerald (youtube mixes and songs suggested by us)