Dj IL Sun aka Wilson Vilares will be at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on May 27th . We spoke with Wilson to get to know his work and music. Here goes:

A true agitator of the Lisbon cultural fabric, Wilson Vilares has been a sovereign presence as a DJ, promoter and half of Celeste / Mariposa. Knowledgeable of  the logic and history of dance music in its different forms, returns to the cabin boot at the Good Bad and the Ugly with Spring definitely installed for a night of pure celebration.

Wilson, what is your style?
Balance and wild bass.

You are best known for:
Wilson Vilares.

When did you start playing music? How did you get in the industry?
In 2009 at the Red Bull Music Academy. I was one of 50 chosen from across the country, today I have a small publisher of PALOP music.

Who are your influences?
Lisbon, Detroit, Chicago, Santiago, Luanda, Maputo, Tarrafal, Almada, Jeff Mills, Derick May, Kyle Hall, Chalo Correia, Julinho of Concertina, Sidia Baio, MLK, Laurent Garnier all in the same bag!

With whom would you like to work one day and share the DJ set?
I’d love to share a dj set with with my brother, it was him who got me this disease, hence I would like to return the favour.

Do you need to do much homework? How do you prepare your sets?
I do homework yes! Every day, every week, 12 months a year, I hear music, which leaves me free to not have to prepare the set.

What is the most important skill a DJ should have?
Never forget, people think they realize and know music, you must have a unique sound, your signature and work always, every day, to be listening to records / albums / MP3 / WAV / K7’s VH1, everything!

What was the coolest thing you have done in life?
Playing Carlos Lamartine – Bazooka Opart in the middle of a Techno set! The public started screaming and that changed my life!

If you could resurrect an artist or a band who would you pick?
Bob Marley, the World your be thankful.

What can we expect from DJ IL Sun upcoming performance at “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”?
Today Techno is almost a mirage to me. I am in full sound expedition merging Angolan Tarraxana Bass, with a dash of Colombian cumbia with Peruvian kick, Brazilian sounds and some touches of funk. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is the right place, comfortable room, good cocktails and a wooden dance floor, which helps a lot to find the right balance!